Chef Eileen Andrade

FINKA Table & Tap / Amelia's 1931 / Barbakoa by FINKA Eileen Andrade grew up in the kitchen working alongside experienced chefs and her grandfather ...

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Chef Adrianne Calvo

Known for her Maximum Flavor creations, Chef Adrianne Calvo is an acclaimed chef, author, television personality, and restaurateur. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University, ...

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Chef Dena Marino

MC Kitchen Dena Marino’s refined taste comes from her many years spent under the tutelage of acclaimed chef and restaurateur, Michael Chiarello. Her culinary sophistication ...

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Chef Cindy Hutson

Ortanique on the Mile Cindy Hutson is a self-taught chef who developed a passion for cooking at the age of nine, and honed her skills ...

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Chef Paula DaSilva

Executive Chef Paula DaSilva The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale Since she first came on the South Florida dining scene in 2000, Chef Paula DaSilva has been ...

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