Chef Adrianne Calvo

Known for her Maximum Flavor creations, Chef Adrianne Calvo is an acclaimed chef, author, television personality, and restaurateur. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University, ...

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Chef Michael Schwartz

James Beard Award-winning chef-restaurateur Michael Schwartz’s philosophy is simple: The secret to good food is good food. Beloved by locals and visitors to Miami since ...

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Chef Justin Flit

Chef Justin Flit combines the best of classical training and high-profile experience of more than 16 years to create a uniquely South Florida approach to ...

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Chef Brian Nasajon

A Miami native, Brian Nasajon was born into a family where a love of food and an appreciation of culinary arts were household values. Exposed ...

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Chef Niven Patel

Chef Niven Patel is closely identified with the cooking of Florida, his home state. Knowing what a strong influence he is on Miami’s dining scene, ...

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