///I ❤️ Craft 🍺

I ❤️ Craft 🍺

Written by VeritageMiami Director Lyn Farmer

Whether you view a free weeknight as a chance to have Brews with Bros, Girls Night Out for IPAs or simply a post-work cleansing ale, we’ve got you covered at our annual Craft Beer Tasting. This signature VeritageMiami event takes place at Wynwood Walls and it’s hard to imagine a more ebullient location to stage a stroll for suds on a (relatively) warm Miami winter night. Colorful murals, lively décor, tasty restaurants and more than two dozen breweries offering samples of more than 100 beers and ales (and a few ciders) make for a wildly entertaining evening.

This year, our Craft Beer Tasting is on February 13, the night before Valentine’s Day. I’m a firm believer that the romance of Valentine’s Day should be a year-round celebration, but for our purposes, let’s agree it can certainly begin the night before – think of the VeritageMiami Craft Beer Tasting as Cupid and Bacchus teaming up for a great party and best of all, you have a prime spot on the invitation list.

I love the informality of the Craft Beer Tasting – it’s a little raucous as we stroll through the three plazas that make up Wynwood Walls. We’ll be setting up an array of stands for brewers and more than a dozen area restaurants so it will be easy to make some beer and food pairings as you meander among the brewers. Based on past experience, I can attest that Wingstop wings (especially the garlic wings) go with nearly everything.

Executive chef Raheem Sealey from KYU (Photo: KYU)

Executive chef Raheem Sealey from KYU (Photo: KYU)

The good news is there is much to enjoy beyond that slam dunk, including some intriguing pairings I hadn’t expected. Among first time participants in the Craft Beer Tasting, I’m very happy to welcome The Halal Guys with their dazzling Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. Another exciting newcomer is Enya Asian Bistro which will be on hand to illustrate there is no better match for Asian food than beer. Chef Raheem Sealey and KYU, the perpetual winner of the People’s Choice Award, are going to show that wood smoke is beer’s best friend, and my dear friend Rocco Carulli from R House will come again, and … Oh my, it’s getting to be a long list!


Most of the top South Florida breweries will be with us – Concrete Beach, Wynwood Brewing, MIA and Tank will be there, as well as a new local brewer from Hialeah, Unbranded Brewing. I love Unbranded’s innovate branding and look forward to their debut appearance with us. I have to confess I always love having a Guinness under the stars, and I’m excited to taste what Broski Ciderworks has in store for us. I don’t have enough space to list all the breweries that have confirmed they will be opening casks and bottles at our event, but you can check the latest list of participating breweries.

It would be impossible (at least for me) to taste everything our generous brewers are offering, but I plan to make a good dent in the foam next Thursday and hope you will too. The VeritageMiami Craft Beer Tasting is not only among the most fun events in Miami each year, it’s also one of the most reasonably priced. How reasonably? I hear you asking. Check it out and book your tickets before they sell out and prepare to be amazed. VeritageMiami’s Craft Beer Tasting: if you heart beer, don’t miss it – It’s what tappening on Valentine’s Eve!


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