Bud Break for VeritageMiami!

It’s Spring (well, almost, but close enough), which means time for VeritageMiami. We chose the name “Veritage” (a word we made up) because it has ...

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Giorgio is Back!

The VeritageMiami Interactive Dinner – the festival’s signature event – is coming up on May 20 at the InterContinental Miami. We’re expecting a convivial crowd ...

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Every Glass Tells a Story

Lyn Farmer with the team at Unbranded Brewing at last year's Craft Beer Tasting Wine tastings and beer tastings are fun, and why ...

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1998 – The festival comes together

We started tracing the history of what today is called VeritageMiami with the introduction of two auctions in 1996 and 1997, both called The Great ...

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2015 – The chef gangs

In my last post I noted how much fun we had at the 2014 Interactive Dinner when, after having a single featured chef at the ...

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And we’re off!

The other day on the radio, I heard a holiday song called It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and it couldn’t be more ...

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